Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Incredible Lady

Today was my DEAR FRIEND Jodi's birthday,
so we met for lunch (with our kids-hence the location)
and enjoyed some time to catch up on each others busy lives.
Jodi and I met when we first moved into
our old ward in Riverdale. We had an instant
connection for so many reasons. We have such
wonderful memories together, and have been a huge
support to one another through some difficult times
in each others lives. She fought through the greatest
challenge last year, and beat the odds of a
brain tumor. She has had a bumpy road of recovery
(of which she still faces incredible challenges, daily)
AND through it all SHE has inspired me and taught me
so much! I love and admire her beyond words!!
Jodi is one amazing lady
and I feel blessed & privileged to be her friend!
I miss not living a block away from her so we can see each other
every day & I miss our morning runs together.
But I am glad we still find time to get together, even
if it is with our CRAZY kids.
Our boys are very close in age, just within
months of each other.
Kaipo, Ash, Casen, Daven

* Happy Birthday Jodi*


Jodi Brown said...

Wow, what a beautiful post! Thank you for the wonderful birthday lunch and treats! I miss having you here, too, it was so "convenient" to be friends when we could see each other all the time. Now, that we are farther away, it is not as easy to see you, but that doesn't change our friendship. We will be friends forever, that I know.

Thank you for the wonderful birthday notes, but most of all for just being you! :)

If it's ok, I want to post a link to your blog on my blog so everyone can see the pictures! Love you!

ckkg said...

Very sweet, Britt. You can tell Jodi has had an impact on your life! Those are the best kinds of friends to have! I'm sure she feels the same way about having a friend like YOU too!

chrissy patrick said...

Brittany! Happy birthday! I love you lots! You are one incredible person! Ofa atu!