Wednesday, August 22, 2012

 After a few days at Disneyland we headed NW,
to the central coast (Templeton), to see my brother Aaron
and his family.  They were such amazing hosts
and made our stay so much fun!!
We did some sight seeing, found a LIFE size
chess set (none of the kids really knew what they were
doing, but had fun anyway), and also hit the shell shop.
Ame loaded up on souveniers, and the boys each
got a SURFERS shell necklace, of which they have
been very proud to wear since we returned.

Once the weather warmed a bit, we headed to the beach.
I think the kids could LIVE in the sand.  There was no
hesitation, and they pretty much just dove right in.
And yes, Kaipo is the seaweed monster!

Lots of playing and sand castle building...
Ame has been very into the book/movie
Soul Surfer and was determined that she would
she started out on the boogie board and took to that
without any hesitation. Quite the natural I would say!

After a battle with getting on the WET SUIT
(a must in the freezing ocean)
 I promised the kids I would give it a try too.
I had the best coach ever (Aaron is soo
patient).  He even gave up his wetsuit so I wouldn't
freeze and then when I wasn't getting up he
braved it and came out to help me, without one on.
Unfortunately, I had a lot of tumbles and this is
about as close to standing up on the board as I got?!

On the other hand, Kaipo had
 no problem standing right up on the board.
And the same for Ame.
These kids of mine really do need to
live near the ocean, or at least visit more often!
I love that they took to it so easily and
have such an interest in the ocean and surfing.
Being part Hawaiian they should, right?!

 And Ash, well he just had fun running around,
playing on the rocks and in the sand.

 After a fun couple of days in the sun,
we were able to celebrate sweet little
Kyle's 8th birthday.  We went out to eat
at this yummy and fun BBQ restaurant...
and then home for homemade yummy treats,
by his amazingly creative mom, Debbie.
We are soo appreciative to Aaron and Debbie
for accommodating our family soo graciously
and fulfilling Ame's dream to surf!
Thanks for giving up beds, shuffling
us around, and taking us to all the local sights.
We now have wonderful memories,
thanks to you and your special family!
We LOVE you guys!!
The next morning we headed North to Sacramento,
for a quick over night stop at Aunt Linda's.
Her and uncle Dennis were great hosts as well.
Then it was on the LONG road home.
Despite the length of this drive, the kids did
amazingly well and occupied themselves
with all sorts of movies, activities and snacks galore!
Although we would have loved to stop here...
It just did not fit into our schedule to stop.
Hopefully we will have a vacation there soon though?!
We made it home safe and sound, with wonderful memories
and grateful for all those who made this trip a success!!
Thank you most of all to Grandma and Grandpa for
traveling with us, spoiling us and helping to make this
such an AMAZING trip.
We couldn't have done it without YOU!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our trip to...the Happiest Place on Earth

Due to motion sickness, we had to pull over
a few hrs into our drive.
This kind officer pulled over to see if we needed
any help. After explaining our situation, HE decided
this might help our situation...

It surely did!!

We split our drive into 2 days and stayed in Primm.
The kids swam and were intrigued as we walked
through the casino.
Ame was glad to be out of that GROSS place,
as she called it!
We made it to Aneheim safe and sound.
We chose a hotel with a few necessities:
pool, shuttle, microwave/fridge and continental breakfast.
We woke up bright and early so we could catch
the first shuttle out the
And begin our adventure...

My kids are all at such fun ages for Disney
and California Adventure

We all loved Toone Town


we were lucky to run into the
Phineas and Ferb show

We were soo grateful to have CHRISSY join us
for our 2day adventure.  We were able to tag-team
the kids evenly, with 4 adults/4 kids.  Allowed for
lots of flexibility and everyone to do what they wanted to do!

Kaipo getting ready for the new CARS ride.

Gina Davis sneaking on the ride.
Despite the glasses and hat and umbrella,
her height still made her stand out in the crowd.

Captain EO

Star Tours

Buzz Light Year

Ame, Kaipo AND Ash all got chosen to TRAIN...

Ame had an autograph notebook and got
lots of signatures along the way.

Nalu loved all the characters, but kept his distance with some?!

Ash was soo excited to see PLUTO

The kids were always fighting over who's turn
it was to ride with Chrissy!

Nalu was easy to please

SPLASH of Ame's favorite's
Kaipo's favorite (not pictured) was Tower of Terror
of which he could only convince MOM to go
on it with him.
Ash didn't quite love the BIG rides,
although he did ride a few.
He was comfortable somewhere in between?!

Everyone's favorite/most memorable ride

Nalu's monkey leash came in VERY handy!!

MY monkeys headed into Tarzan's Treehouse

Grandpa LOVED all the roller coaster.
Waiting in line for SPACE MOUNTAIN...

We made many, many wonderful memories...
this post just highlights a few of them.
Hopefully enough to hold us over for a few years,
until we make it back again!

Truly was the HAPPIEST place for our little family!!